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    Thanks Namhook!

    Posted by Heleen Snyman
    - Dec 03 2020
    Responded to advertisement for a Legal Secretary advertised on your site. Lockdown caused delays in interviewing, but 2 months after applying, I was scheduled for an interview and appointed 5 days later!
    Thanks again to all of you at Namhook for offering...  more
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    I got a job guy!!!!!!

    - Jan 15 2020
    Hi Gerson and team, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the services you guys provide. I have been invited to 3 accountant interviews and I am happy to let you know that all 3 have been successful and I have accepted one....  more
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    Saw a post last for Warehouse assistant at Barloworld equipment and I got it . Thank you.

    Posted by Naomi Frans
    - Feb 19 2019
    Non - but I want you to update my CV again for me . naomifrans@gmail.com.
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    Got an administration job from one company that I applied through namhook

    - May 23 2018
    was a vip member and applied to many post as possible through namhook, got 2 interview and got a job. ''Giveth and shall receive back'', the 50 bucks I used to become vip got me into making more... So rewarding,
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    I got a job !!

    Posted by The Darkman
    - May 21 2018
    I Joined this website last year. That time you guys were still not sharing jobs, but since you started this year 2018 in January i did not hesitate and subscribed for VIP Membership. All jobs were right at my finger tips and started applying..was called...  more
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