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Research on the principle of sweeping robot


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Shaoxing Shangyu Saige Motor Co., LtdThe sweeper has been debuting for more than 20 years. Its appearance is slowly changing people's lives. It can automaticallyChina intelligent sweeping machine complete the floor cleaning work in the room with certain artificial intelligence. But there must be many small partners asking, what is the principle of sweeping robots?

The predecessor of the sweeping robot is actually a vacuum cleaner. It has an electric blower. When it is energized, it runs at high speed, which creates an instantaneous vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner. The internal air pressure is much lower than the external air pressure. Under the pressure difference, dust and dirt As the airflow enters the vacuum cleaner barrel. Modern sweepers also use this principle. With the development of technology, sweep

The ground plane is becoming more and more intelligent. It is controlled by a microcomputer, which can realize automatic navigation and clean and vacuum the ground. The collision and bypass of the obstacles in front can make the corners clean. It has a universal wheel at the bottom of the bottom, and an independently driven walking wheel on the left and right sides. There is a fan (vacuum cleaner), which is powered by a rechargeable battery and driven by a DC motor.
The first sweeping robot was not completely intelligent. With the development of technology, various navigation systems appeared: gyroscope navigation, laser navigation, visual navigation, and the emergence of these navigations, making the sweeping robot no longer appear everywhere. The phenomenon of chaos. The following sweeping robot network will give you a brief introduction to the principle of the above navigation system.intelligent vacuum cleaners Manufacturers

The gyroscope is a device for sensing and maintaining the direction. It is designed based on the theory of conservation of angular momentum. It has two characteristics: the fixed axis and the precession, and the inertia remains stable.