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Hangzhou GOLDENSTAR brake parts manufacturing Co.,Ltd


Hangzhou GOLDENSTAR brake parts manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located at the beautiful Fuchun River, only 40 minutes’ drive from Xiaoshan airport. Established in 2004, our company is specialized in commercial vehicles, passenger cars, construction machinery, such as disc brake pads manufacturing and development of production-oriented enterprises, has its own professional production team and technology, management team.

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We always believe that the quality control must be carried out through every link in the production and inspection! Hangzhou GOLDENSTAR brake parts manufacturing Co.,Ltd has established a set of strict and completed production system, from the mold development, raw material procurement, production scheduling, quality control ,product packaging, freight transporting to track product quality from customer .Each session is under strict esamination, from production system management and product quality control to ensure sustained and stable product quality in the process of production ;In addition, in order to strictly conduct raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, complete inspection and ex-factory spot check, our company is equipped with a complete set of test equipment, which can guarantee the mutual binding of each link and ensure the quality of products. We strive to be more professional and rigorous! We bear in mind that the safety and the quality of products are the most important things.